Near Jacobs Well Rd & Woodacre Dr in North Woodcreek

DSH – Adult male, uncut

White mostly with pretty gray patches — about 11 pounds — compact body.

A fighter — scars on nose, bumps on head.

A complainer — meows all the time.

Wants to come in the house.

Contact this website for info.

Preparing Cats for Flood, Fire and Other Disasters

Seven Cats Survive Tornado

Cat Saved after Tornado

What with tornadoes, floods and fires, the news has been filled with stories of pet rescues.  In Massachusetts a “family whose home was destroyed by the tornadoes that struck the state on June 1 has found all seven of its cats alive,”  Huffington Post.   Michael Roescher says that he’s “thrilled and “shocked because he didn’t think there was any way the cats could have survived the devastation.   All were in good shape, except for bruised paws from trying to dig out.”  The family took refuge in their basement and he “says it was like being in a blender.”

Emergency Help to Dogs and Cats Impacted by Fire

Wildfires in Arizona are having a ferocious impact on pets and wildlife.  One of the nation’s leading specialty centers for veterinary medicine (  “is pitching in to help the best way it can: caring for the beloved dogs and cats of the displaced. The wild fires have displaced all types of domesticated animals, as well as cattle and horses. All types of shelter and foster homes are desperately needed,” Marketwire .

Closer to Home,Tips On Pet Emergency Preparedness from Buda Animal Control

Below is a short list copied from the Buda web page, for the complete list go to the Buda web page: Buda Animal Control

To have in your emergency kit:

  • At least three days of food, water, and any medications your pet may need
  • Vet / vaccination records, etc.
  • Collars /ID’s, harness and leash
  • Pictures  of yourself and other family members with your pet(s)
  • Sanitation  kit: pet litter, litter box, plastic trash bags, household chlorine bleach
  • Have a  carrier or crate ready that your pet has been adapted to for safe
    transportation purposes. The carrier should be large enough to allow your
    pet to stand, turn around, and lie down.

Here in Hays County we are praying for rain!

Lost Cats

Wimberley is home to LOTS of cats:
and sometimes cats get LOST!

The purpose of this blog  is to help you find your lost cat by giving you a place to announce to the neighborhood that your cat is missing.

Do that by  posting your info on the Lost Cat page [see tab above].  The other purpose is to provide a comprehensive list of all the Rescue and/or Shelter Services in Wimberley and Hays County, Texas [links on the right].

Are you looking for a lost a cat?

  • FIRST —  check out the San Marcos Animal Services [find out if your kitty had been found and turned over to them link on the right].
  • SECOND —  post your information on the Lost Cat page and it will be sent to everyone who is subscribed to this blog.
  • THIRD —  subscribe to the blog so you will get notices about lost and found cats.

Are you new to the area?  Check the Hays County page to get oriented.

  • Our population increased by 61 percent between 2000 & 2010 so we have many new people

This is a lost cat service,
and a place to publish your cat stories,

and find news about cats.

  •  Mews U Can Use, and transient items of interest to cat owners get posted below.

WELCOME to you Feline Friend!

Emily S Carter

My two beautiful little girl kitties came from ARF -- a rescue service in Wimberley. Maddie Bell, in the header photo, likes to help me make the bed.

Shelter cats are the best!


Making a difference to pet owners looking for their lost cat [or dog] – this is a place to post information about your animal and to provide contact information -- see the Lost Cat page.

Its also home to cat and dog stories -- see The Literary Cat page.


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