IRS Allows Charitable Deductions for Cat Rescue

Jan Van Duesen, a cat rescuer with Fix our Ferals  in California, fought the IRS and won when she submitted the cost of her volunteer work with cats as a charitable deduction, ABC News reports.

Jan Van Dusen beats the IRS after rescuing dozens of feral cats. (ABC News & Jan Van Dusen)

For those of us who toil away to keep the feral cat population under control and to rescue cats lost in our neck of the woods, this is very good news indeed. Ms. Van Duesen maintained a place in her personal home for feral and semi-feral cats. The ruling allowed for expenses incurred in a home rather than in an institutional setting.

The “ruling sets a precedent for this type of deduction,” says Philip L. Liberatore a CPA at IRS Problem Solvers, Inc. based in Southern California. “It’s possible to not necessarily have a tax contribution letter but still have tax-deductible expenses that are charitable in nature. This ruling will encourage other taxpayers to volunteer as a result it has the potential to add up to millions of dollars in deductions.”

For our part as volunteers, we need to keep track of our volunteer expenses — how much litter and cat food have you purchased for one of our local 501(c)3 organizations?

Start keeping receipts and making deductions at tax time!

Emily S Carter

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