Cats in Disasters

Ohh — here we go again.  The Superstorm Sandy that demolished so many homes on the East Coast, also left cats and dogs in perilous conditions.  Now, comes the news of pets that have been rescued but remain separate from their people.

We also see good news coverage of  reunions between cats and kids in the midst of apocalyptic loss.

When thinking of making donations to the Red Cross, also consider donating to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or the The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  See HSUS rescue video.  Both agencies take action during disasters to rescue and house lost pets.

But many others work too on behalf of the animals.  I especially love the news that Chef, Rachael Ray, donated $500,000 to the ASPCA for rental on a building where animals are being housed pending reunion with owners.  In addition to the cash, she also donated 4 tons of her branded dog food to the animals, and $100,000 to food banks for humans.

PetSmart Charites also works on behalf of animals in disaster areas.

PetSmart Charities has a strong commitment to assisting pets affected by large-scale natural disasters and man-made emergencies. Since 2004, PetSmart Charities has funded nearly $8 million in emergency relief grants.

Petco Foundation

The Petco Foundation also serves animal needs but its program is not as fully visible as others.

 Save the pets!

Emily S Carter

My two beautiful little girl kitties came from ARF -- a rescue service in Wimberley. Maddie Bell, in the header photo, likes to help me make the bed.

Shelter cats are the best!


Making a difference to pet owners looking for their lost cat [or dog] – this is a place to post information about your animal and to provide contact information -- see the Lost Cat page.

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