Tootsie ran outside and got frightened away by a big cat.  I went after the two of them — and they both ran away from me.

The last time I saw Tootsie, she was scampering along the ground at the privacy fence on the corner of Saddle Rock Ridge and Woodacre Dr.

From there I lost sight of her and she could have gone in three directions:

  1. Around the front of the house and along Saddle Rock Ridge
  2. Across Saddle Rock Ridge into the woods
  3. Across Woodacre and into the woods that border the golf course

After walking around and calling Kitty-Kitty for a while, I decided to come in and post this message.

She is five months old, weights 4 pounds and a client of the San Marcos Veterinary Clinic [512-392-7107] Dr Julie House.  Tootsie has all her shots but she is not spayed.

Please let me know if you see her by posting a message in this blog.


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Emily S Carter

My two beautiful little girl kitties came from ARF -- a rescue service in Wimberley. Maddie Bell, in the header photo, likes to help me make the bed.

Shelter cats are the best!


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