Evolution of Domestic Cats

Wildcats are divided into five subspecies: the European wildcat, the Near Eastern wildcat, the Southern African wildcat, the Central Asian wildcat and the Chinese desert cat. This wildcat was photographed in Africa. Kim Wolhuter/National Geographic, via Getty Images

Like babies of all species,
kitten is a sentient being.
A little life-force arising in the Divine Consciousness
which surrounds us, flows through us, lives and breathes
our unified consciousness into apparent separate lives.

So  when your cherished darling shows up on the door step with a little snake  dangling from her/his mouth, DO NOT scream, slam the door and scold.

Kitty  is a bit of Divine Consciousness, snake is a bit of Divine Consciousness, you  are a bit of Divine Consciousness.  All  of us exist in a unified field of Sublime Divine Conscious Energy.  Honor the kitty, the snake and yourself.

Remain calm, say, “Good kitty,” close the door gently leaving kitten and snake outside and go take a stiff drink of something to calm your nerves.  Recall that your precious bundle of fur evolved as a  descendant of Wildcats, and unlike dogs, domestic short-hair cats have not been bred into some form of animal that suits human-being temperaments.  Study Traces Cat’s Ancestry to Middle East

As  you develop a slight buzz from your beverage of choice, contemplate the thousands, nay, hundreds-of-thousands of Tom Cats out there in Wild Cat Country  [I live in the rural southwest but the same holds true for suburbs and cities across the nation, in cat talk, everywhere outside your house is Wild Cat  Country].  And Tom cats that have not been neutered rule Wild Cat Country.

Mr. Tom is busy as he can be  propagating at every given chance – for that reason, domestic short-hairs retain a fairly diverse genetic pool, one that keeps ancient Wildcat evolutionary genes alive.   The Evolution of House Cats

Mr. Tom, Old Snaggletooth Wildcat, and your Sweetums all have the hunter’s heart that served to keep the species alive through all the terrors of life before domestication.

As a good parent to a kitten, you will honor her hunter’s heart and simple engage good training practices when kitty gifts you with a  snake.

A Principle To Remember:
Animal training begins when  YOU restrain, and retrain yourself.


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